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Making a difference, one booking at a time   

Making a difference, one booking at a time, Check-in Solidario - Inside Barcelona

We are happy to announce that Inside Barcelona is participating in a social initiative during the months of June, July and August called 'Check-in Solidario.'

We will be donating one euro for every reservation we get to the social program behind this initiative, called 'Casal dels Infants.'

They are a Barcelona-based non profit organization which gives assistance to youth in neighborhoods that are lacking social programs. For 30 years they have been aiding young people and families with socioeconomic disadvantages. Recent statistics show that a quarter of Spanish children live in poverty - a situation only worsened by the ongoing crisis.

We jumped on the chance to participate in this great initiative. Many other apartment rental companies in Barcelona will also be a part of this three-month long program and we are very proud to be among them.

The money raised will go towards funding various projects that the Casal dels Infants is involved in. There are currently more than 800 volunteers who work with the Casal dels Infants to create integration opportunities and improve education of children and young people at risk of social exclusion.

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Thanks for booking with Inside Barcelona and helping us make a difference!!

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