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[Meet the people behind Inside Barcelona, our greatest asset., Inside Barcelona - image]

Meet the people behind Inside Barcelona, our greatest asset.


General Manager

The heart and soul of Inside Barcelona (and one of its founders). A world traveller through and through, he enjoys showing all our guests round Barcelona. He is warm, committed and great fun and bends over backwards to look after both our guests and our team of collaborators. A Barça defeat is the only thing that can get him down.

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Accounting and administration

She is in charge of making sure everything is accounted for and tallies as it should. She boasts extraordinary organisational, supervisory and management skills. Attentive to detail, Dana emanates calm and warmth both with her workmates as well as Inside Barcelona guests (her command of four languages no doubt helps!).

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Head of Bookings and Reception

Forever willing to take care of guests' every need, she is well acquainted with their preferences and concerns when they come to Barcelona. Her calmness and professionalism (gained over years of experience in New York and her native Portugal) are the key to her success in assuming her responsibilities.

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Bookings and Reception

He is responsible for overseeing the running of the Inside Barcelona office every weekend of the year. Thanks to his level-headedness, extensive experience and organisational skills, Gonzalo can tackle any unforeseen circumstances with guaranteed success.

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She has an avid interest in social networks, blogs, forums, etc. Both her academic and professional experience allow her to create high-quality content that sparks the interest of guests and collaborators alike, and allows us to gain feedback to improve our service.

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Nobody knows as well as he does how difficult it is to ensure everything works as its should in Inside Barcelona apartments. Samuel makes sure everything is in perfect working order, that nothing is missing and, if necessary, resolves any incidents that may arise immediately.

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Valentina, Irene, Gabriela, Alejandra


This is the biggest team in Inside Barcelona. Fast and efficient, they keep the apartments clean and kitted out. They constitute one of the main pillars upon which the image of Inside Barcelona rests.

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